Saturday, December 3, 2011

Things & Stuff

So, in lieu of not writing in FOREVER I have decided to make a list of things I will touch on in this here blog post.

1. The ITIS.
2. Thanksgiving.
3. Fashion Gems.
4. The Victoria's Secret  Fashion Show.
5. All I want for Christmas is...

Let's get this party started.


Let's just say that being sick for over four weeks is just plain RUDE. AMIRITE?! It all started with a little cough. Nothing too alarming, right? That's what I thought, except it just. kept. getting. worse. Coughing. Then more coughing. Then sinus congestion. Then chest congestion. Then outright exhaustion. I finally broke down and went to see our faithful and trusted family doctor, Dr. Reddy, who looks like he should be in high school, but really he's just a very young-looking man, in his mid-thirties, who looks to be of Indian descent? Maybe? You know how some of those Indian people can age well. ANYWHO, he told I was SEVERELY dehydrated. And really, when someone uses the word 'severely' it kind of makes your palms sweat a little. He also said I probably have something bacterial going on, although we were never really able to determine what, exactly. Also, I am currently suffering from A LOT of inflammation due to a Lupus flare. A flare which, may I add, has been pretty much rearing it's ugly head for the last six months. That, too, is RUDE. So, my lungs and airways were inflamed along with a more than annoying case of Lupus rash. 

I was prescribed a 5-day course of antibiotics and PREDNISONE for inflammation. Anyone who knows me well knows that I LOATHE Prednisone. Not that it doesn't do what it's supposed to do (because it does,) but because it makes me want to eat EVERYTHING, ALL THE TIME. I'm glad I'm only on it for 10 days, else I would be a WHALE. Also, it tastes like I would imagine Windex to taste. It tastes SO bad.


Thanksgiving was just lovely. My brother and sister-in-law have finally made their way from Idaho. They've set up house just over the state border in South Carolina in Augusta County, which is a mere two and a half hours from here. So, they decided to spend Thanksgiving with us. I also got to meet Buster, my brother's oh-so-adorable Chipuginese pooch. And, oh, how I fell in love with him. 

I mean, look at that face! Isn't that just- I can't even... 
Mom and I did most of the cooking, and everything turned out pretty much perfect.

 (Except that Mom singed the pumpkin pie? Who does that?! My brother thought it was chocolate creme pie upon first sight. Oh well. Apparently it still tasted good.) There was enough turkey left over to make a big 'ole batch of turkey salad (which has since been depleted. Seriously. It's that good.) We all enjoyed leftovers for the next few days. Glorious mountains of leftovers. The kind of leftovers you save yourself for all day and then engage in a delightfully, gluttonous feast. Yeah. Thanksgiving rocked. We put up our tree that day, complete with the silver and gold ornaments. I will post a picture when I have time to take a better one.

Fashion Gems.

As you all may have heard, my mother recently introduced me to Goodwill of Bluffton, SC. Now, let me tell you. Goodwill of Bluffton is basically the MOST AWESOME Goodwill I have EVER had the pleasure of perusing. I mean, this place had some GOOD stuff. It was the size of a Marshall's or Stein Mart. I was literally in thrift store heaven. I was also able to score some sought-after loot. World, meet the punchy-colored skinny jeans!

I can't describe to you how much of a find these were. I find myself completely low on cash these days and I paid all of EIGHT BUCKS for both pairs of these beautifully-hued skinnys. AND, it's like they were made for me. They fit perfectly. I can't wait to go shopping there again. I shall call it "The Goodwill of Possibilities." :)

The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

The only thing I may love more than my new-to-me, punchy-colored, denim skinny jeans is underwear. And not just any underwear. VS underwear. All my underwear hails from VS, because, really, no one makes underwear quite like VS. And let's not kid ourselves here, people. We would all secretly go lesbian for at least ONE of those VS Angels. I was particularly blown away by more than one collection in this year's show, not to mention I was also blow away by some particular Angels' physiques. For example:

How bangin' was Miranda Kerr looking?? Seriously, she JUST had a kid like 1o months ago. And god bless nursing because her boobs are SPOT ON PERFECT. P.S. Mad props to Orlando Bloom for scoring that hottie. 

I could go into quite a bit of detail about Adriana Lima, but I'll just let you all drool. Did you know that this was her ELEVENTH VS fashion show? Fountain of youth, anyone? I mean, damn.

And last but not least, let's talk about Alessandra Ambrosio. I don't think she's all that curvy, or even the prettiest of the Angels (that goes to Erin) but HER BODY. I'm in awe of it. It's just absolutely chiseled to perfection. I can't even really say anything more than that. I wish I had that body. As a good friend of mine pointed out, when you get paid millions of dollars to be THAT hot, you work really hard to keep looking that hot. 

Did I mention that Erin was the prettiest? I did? OK! +20 points for awesome abs.

And yes, I did record the show and WILL be watching it again soon.

All I want for Christmas is...

I don't really want anything for Christmas because really the only thing I want is money. So, this is just a mock list of things I would like to accumulate over the next little while if I can. Knowwhatimean?

Head bands. Cute, sweet, boho style head bands that I can wear all cute-like in mah (nearly) long hair. This is more in anticipation for summer, since I vow to spend way more time outside next summer, even if it's under an umbrella.

Stripes! Tops, to be specific. I think they'd look just peachy with any of my punchy-colored skinny jeans. Which brings me to my next thing...

A continuance of my punchy-colored skinny collection! Because really you can't have pants that are too bright. ;)

Much love.

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